Saturday, February 28, 2009

And Finally Back Home

Pulled in about 5:30.  The drive took about 10 hours.  Not too bad.  Man we have a lot to talk about on Wednesday.  What a great trip we're going to have!  Thanks so much for all your prayers.

Back in the USA

Now about an hour east of Buffalo. It's good to be back the States where a dollar is really a dollar and I actually know what the speed limit is. Anybody else heard of the "metric system"? Still a long drive ahead but home is getting nearer.

Some water attraction

Apparently this thing is some sort of big deal up here. So as soon as I get close to to Niagra it starts snowing pretty hard. Sorry the picture isn't better.

Site Visit Summary

Hey team.  Its Saturday morning and I am all packed ready to hit the road.  10 more hours and I'll be home.  It's been a great couple of days here in Toronto.  Holly and I spent Friday nailing down our schedule and visiting most of the ministry sites we will be working at.  I'll tell you all about that at Wednesday's meeting.  I will tell you about our ministry experience last night.

At around 6:30pm we left to meet up with several groups for a "sandwich run" downtown.  Now when I got here Thursday it was 55  degrees.  Now it was 15. (btw: I am about to leave here at 7am.  It is 5 degrees!!!)  We walked around downtown Toronto for about 2 1/2 hours handing out bag lunches to the homeless.  Imagine sleeping on the street on a night that dropped to 5 degrees!!  Man was I tired and frozen.

Well, please pray for me as I hit the road and continue to pray for the ministry of CSM and its partners.  See you Monday.  Text if you have questions.

Friday, February 27, 2009

More Photos

More Photos of Riverside Missionary Church


Here is where I ate Thursday night. How could I not?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some photos

Here is our host, CSM staffer Holly McClement.

Arrived in Toronto

have arrived at CSM's headquarters here in Toronto in the Riverside Missionary Church. More to come.

At the border

Now in Canada. Smooth sailing.

On the Road

Am on the way to Toronto. mobile blogging from the NY Thruway. a little behind schedule but its all good.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Site Visit this Weekend

I am heading to the CMS facility in Toronto for the site visit this weekend.  I will be getting a preview of the facility and the things we will be involved in there in Toronto.  I will be blogging from the road, courtesy of blogger and T-Mobile.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Do Hard Things Study Guide

Just a reminder that you are journaling on the chapters from Do Hard Things for the next few weeks. Your journaling comes from the study questions found here.

Currency Converter

I added a currency converter widget to the right side of the blog. Change the Euro to Canadian dollars and add in a value. It will give you a conversion in both Canadian and US dollars. A pretty useful tool as you think about spending money for April. Also, this site gives a graph of exchange rates for the last 30 days.