Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 9 - St. Francis, S.T.E.P. and MiMi's

Today was a day we got to sleep in a little bit, which was a welcome development from yesterday. After breakfast and devotions we headed across town for our final day at St. Francis Table. Once again we had a fantastic time serving there. This ministry has been the highlight of the trip for me. Seeing our team serve with such enthusiasm, hard work and, most of all, loving hearts has been something I will always remember. If you remember, yesterday we presented Brother John with a small token of our appreciation. Today he blessed is with the gift of St. Francis Cross pins for each member of our team. He has never given a gift to any other volunteer group. We were able to wear them as we served today. After we had cleaned up, we gathered together in the chapel with Br. John and the other monks and prayed for them. Jake prayed a very moving prayer asking God to bless their continued work with the poor of Toronto.
After leaving St. Francis we drove across town to meet up with the leaders of S.T.E.P., a new ministry to help women escape the sex trade. We helped them clean out the rooms in an old church donated for their offices and also baked about 200 cookies for the ministry to hand out. The team then participated in a q&a about the ministry.
After dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant the team returned to the church for devotions. We had a very emotional time of devotions as I shared a passage from I John 4 and told about how that passage affected my life and how it relates to what we have been doing here in Toronto.


  1. Hi Morgan! I miss you a lot! Glad to see you are having a good time and you got to see Aunt Thelma. I can't wait to hear about everything so call me as soon as you get back!
    xoxoxo love you!

  2. Thanks so much for your selfless ministry during this trip - it is such an encouragement to see the Lord being glorified as you minister in His name. We will continue to pray for continued opportunities and safe travels as you head for home.
    In Him,
    John Fort