Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steve - An introduction

I wanted to introduce our ministry guide for this week. Steve Grant is with CSM-Toronto as a group leader, guiding and coordinating the mission teams that come to Toronto with CSM. He is our coach, boss, van co-pilot, connection, tour guide and so much more. Steve is able to give our team a real-world face to the issue of homelessness in Toronto. At age 55, Steve was downsized from a corporate position and soon found himself living on the streets. Through some of the ministries we are partnering with this week, Steve was able to find permanent housing, a loving community, and a way to minster to those that find themselves in similar positions. It is a joy to see our students interact with Steve and translate that relationship into a greater depth of love for those we meet on the streets and in the shelters of Toronto. We have also learned that Steve has more energy at 65 than these teenagers do (and way more than 42 year old Bible teachers).

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  1. Wow! How cool is all of this! It looks like you are working hard and enjoying the work. We are praying for you all. Check out what we have been up to in South Africa. We'd love to hear from you all. Love Via Jesus, The TKCS SA 09 Team