Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Special Visit

Today one of our team received a special surprise. Morgan Skalkowski has a great aunt who lives here in Toronto. Aunt Thelma has been following our progress here on the blog for several days and decided to stop in at St. Francis Table at the end of our shift to surprise Morgan. Imagine Morgan's surprise to find out she had a visitor. It had been several years since they had seen each other. Mr. Savidge showed Aunt Thelma around the ministry as Morgan finished serving the clients at her tables. After she was done Morgan introduced her to everyone on the mission team and to the staff at St. Francis and then Morgan, Aunt Thelma, Mr. Savidge and Josh sat down to a wonderful lunch. She was so impressed by the work Morgan was doing and told us all how proud she was. Thank you for the surprise, Aunt Thelma!

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