Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our First Post

We are finishing up our first day of our mission trip. It is such a blessing to see the team ready to serve God in this amazing city. We pulled out or 5 Carnegie in the wee hours of Thursday morning. 5:30 am seemed so early. We missed the bulk of the traffic and arrived in Toronto at 4pm. After unloading and stretching we met the CSM staff and our guide for the week, Steve. They gave us an orientation to our time here in Toronto and the facilities .

For dinner we went to Real Jerk in the Jamaican section of Toronto. While Mr. Savidge and Josh Hric seemed not to be bothered by the jerk spices, apparently some others felt it too be a fiery experience (*cough cough Jake Davis cough cough*). They also found out that water only makes the effect of the spices magnify in intensity.

From there we were guided on a prayer tour of Toronto. He showed us many of the sections of Toronto and the enormous needs that exist in each. We prayed for the poor, and homeless, the addicted, the homosexual communities, those enslaved in the sex trade and the wealthy and powerful.

We finished our day in a debrief with Steve, who shared his personal story of homelessness and the blessings of the faith communities here in Toronto serving these needs. Please continue to pray for us these next few days. Tomorrow we will be touring Toronto, enjoying some of the sights of the city, before we begin nine days of intense ministry around the city. Please feel free to comment with words of encouragement and prayer.

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  1. Hey Guys! The South Africa Team is glad to hear you've arrived and are doing well. We are praying for you guys. Tell Mr. Savidge that we are enjoying a good morning cup of Roibois Tee and heading to Van Reyne in a few minutes.